• Implementation of EPMO Software


    Cable & Broadcast


    Shaping high performance team in preparation for Merger


    PMO Creation, Cross-Organizational Collaboration, Tactical Execution

  • Challenge

    Product Launch in 20+ markets

    Unproven Architecture

    Building of 7 new and Expansion of 15 existing Data Centers

    Aggressive Timeline

    Waterfall methodology for sequential execution across 7 cross-functional teams

    Project delays and cost overruns

    Lack of internal processes

    Lack of stakeholder alignment

    Poor project deployment speed, quality, productivity and repeatability

  • CERTUS+ Solution

    Alignment Summit to bring cross-functional teams on 'same page'

    Developed a pragmatic roadmap, 2 week sprints and SCRUM implemented

    Process re-engineering effort to cut down waste and improve engineering throughput

    Implementation of Adaptive Execution

    PILOT launch of TACTICAL Teams to cut down product launch cycle time

    Optimized Procurement Processes to reduce cycle time

    Improved visibility into supply chain

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